About Us


Established in 1977, the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) is the leading industry association for B.C.’s continuing care sector. Our growing membership base includes over 300 residential care, assisted living, home care and commercial members from across British Columbia.

Scope & Size

Membership in our association is voluntary. BCCPA members care for more than 16,000 seniors annually in residential care and assisted living, and over 11,000 each year through home care & home support services.

What We Do

The BCCPA focuses its efforts in four key areas:

  • Foster Standards and Quality of Care: Advocate & enhance quality of life for seniors
  • Sustainability of Services: Ensure adequate funding to enhance quality care
  • Relationship Building: Collaborate and partner with government, health authorities and key stakeholders
  • Membership Services: Provide services to members to foster quality of care

We are a proud member of the:

  • Canadian Alliance for Long-Term Care (CALTC)
  • Health Employers Association of British Columbia (HEABC) Affiliate Advisory Group
  • BC Council to Reduce Elder Abuse
  • BC Adult Abuse/Neglect Prevention Collaborative

We host a number of key events throughout the year, including:

  • Annual Conference (over 400 attendees each year) – May
  • Minister of Health Annual Luncheon (Over 400 people attend) – October
  • Care to Chat Speaker Series (over 600 attendees per season) November-May
  • B.C. Care Awards – February